The Emissary - Book An epic novel set in ancient Greece from the best-selling author of Bunker 13.

This ambitious new novel transports you to the heart of Greece in the time of Alexander the Great. Selecus, son of Nicanor, learns to cope with treachery at a very young age. It doesn’t take him long to master the art of deceit himself; his journey from renegade citizen hankering for revenge against Alexander the Great to being a shaper of Greece's destiny in partnership with the great Athenian orator Demosthenes is testimony to his skills. And from the exhilarating chariot race in Olympia to Alexander’s encounter with the Persian army on the banks of the Granicus, his story rivets you from beginning to end.


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Bad sex writer laughs at victory

Indian writer Aniruddha Bahal told BBC News Online: "I'm not one to shy away from having a laugh at my own expense."

Mr Bahal won the award, presented in London by Sting on Wednesday night, for an extract from his novel Bunker 13.


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B is for the Bhasand. And Tony B the best interviewer of the India who use the word like the Napolean use the sword to bring the truths to the mans and the womans.

-Bishwadeep Moitra

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